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Friday’s Physical and Other Stuff

It went fine, and the results are in.  Or, more correctly, the lab reports are in and available on the website, but, not being a doctor or a tech, I can't read them.  So I'm waiting for a translation from my doctor.  🙂  I'm scheduled for the usual mammogram--talk...

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Making Friends with Murphy

That seems to be the only option, since Murphy's Law is running the show these days, at least here on the Triple L.  🙂  Nothing big, thank heaven, just things like having to stop everything, go downstairs and hunt up batteries for my wireless keyboard just when I'm...

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The One Where the Computer Eats A Morning’s Work

Zounds!  I was doing so well yesterday, working away in my new office, and suddenly the computer gulped down my revisions!  For a while there, it looked as though I'd actually lost EVERYTHING, though some of it was saved on other computers.  First impulse: have a...

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The One Where Linda Prays for a Woodpecker

OK, so you all know that Woodie (Woodena?) Woodpecker has been driving me crazy for days, right?  Lately, as my quick-witted mother would say, it's been a short drive.  Woodena seemed determined to build her nest inside the metal chimney (whatever happened to making a...

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A Productive Monday!

Even though I had to pick up my meds--this is something I THOUGHT I had to do personally but, thank heaven, I was wrong--I got some writing done! Back home, I went straight into my wonderful new office and finished a chapter !  Yeehaw!  I'm loving this book.  My...

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The Case of the Vanishing Week

They say time flies when you're having fun--well, it ALSO flies when you're coping with minor health issues and Murphy's Law Unchained.  🙂  We are still enjoying fantastic weather, and as I write this, in my new office, I can look out and see part of the pasture,...

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And the beat goes on….

I seem to be in the mood to quote songs today. It is SO beautiful and sunny out, and the tulips and daffodils are frolicking in celebration.  Yorkie-Bernice got a much needed bath, since it's warm outside, and this morning,  Larry the Canadian Wrangler found a quail...

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Where do the mermaids stand?

Today's blog title comes from a story told by Robert Fulghum, the author of "Everything I Need to Know, I Learned in Kindergarten", and I think a lot of us may identify with it.  It seems Mr. Fulghum and some assistants were casting a Christmas pageant, the Nativity,...

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Off to Point Roberts

I'll be in Point Roberts, visiting a friend and doing a workshop to raise money for the Point Roberts library.    I need this small vacation very much, and I will try to blog at least once while I'm away.

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Murphy’s Law Runs Amok

🙂 When everything that can go wrong DOES go wrong, all I can do is say, "Thank You, God  ." The bathtub situation seems to be under control--and now the hot water heater has gone out.  I've decided to be grateful for that, too.  🙂  I mean, surely this is good for my...

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Night Blog

Today was a good writing day--which is why I waited until tonight to write this blog.  🙂 The renovations continue to be challenging.  The hot/cold handles for my bathtub arrived, and they fit.  HOWEVER, the sprayer and the faucet do not, and must be returned,...

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