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Hello from Vegas!

Would you believe I'm writing this entry on my cell phone????Having loads of fun here. Did you catch my Livestreamvideo yesterday? Check out Harleqin's Facebook page. It willsoon be available on my site.If you're in Vegas, stop by the Caberet area here at the Paris...

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I’m Off!

Off to Las Vegas--or, as my dad would have said, "Lost Wages", Nevada.Tomorrow afternoon, I'll be doing a live video cast from Glitter Gulch--check the Harlequin website for a link.  Even if you miss the actual presentation, you'll still be able to access it...

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Well, Gooooooleee!

Publisher's Weeky reprinted my Veteran's Day blog on their bestseller page for November 21, 2011.  Color me might darn proud.And mighty darn busy.Book to write, rodeo to attend.Busy, busy!And that's just the way I like it.  🙂

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A Good Time Was Had by All

I'm back, as the old saying goes, like a bad penny.  :)I flew over to Seattle on Monday and soon connected with my good friend Debbie Macomber at the beautiful Four Seasons hotel, where we dropped our bags, had a quick lunch, and lit out for Nordstrom. ...

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Better Today

Except for what is probably a touch of stomach flu, I'm much better today.  Yesterday, I wrote a scene in the new book and finally caved in and called it a day.Thanks for lending a cyber-ear--it's nice to know you're out there, though I do feel bad for...

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I Still Miss Someone

Maybe it's the approach of the holidays--which promise to be joyous this year--but I'm sort of teary today.  I miss my beagle-dog, Sadie.I miss my friend Dale, and I miss my dad.Yes, it hurts, but even as I cry, I'm smiling at all the precious memories.Love the...

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Letting It Snow

As if I could make it stop.  🙂  It's quite beautiful, actually, but I'm not sure people who don't work at home, as I do, would agree.  Bernice and I did take our walks, wading through the white stuff, on both Saturday and Sunday.  It was a slog...

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Saturday Snowstorm

Arrived home from the Toronto trip exhausted but happy yesterday in the early afternoon.  I fed and fussed over Bernicie and the kits, ate one of my D.I.E.T. meals, took a hot bath and vegged in my beloved microfleece pajamas.  I also opened the several...

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Last Minute Preparations

Today, the last day before my big trip to Toronto, will be about the 2 million small things that need to be done first.  It isn't that I haven't been making preparations--I have--but in my experience, I'm never actually ready until the moment I walk out the door...

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Veteran’s Day

To veterans and active-duty personnel serving everywhere in this troubled world, Thank You.Thank you for protecting our freedom, and for being willing to pay the ultimate price.  Too often we take our liberty for granted, but you are a reminder that freedom most...

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A Writing Day

Today is a writing day--the most precious kind.It's also my "free meal" day, which means I get my single glass of wine and whatever else I decide to cook for supper.  This is strange new territory for me, not to be hankering after one particular food, or wanting...

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