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Today’s my birthday—dah-dah-dah!

In case you're confused by the title of this blog--and who could blame you if you were--it's supposed to sound like the song.  🙂 Just be glad I didn't actually SING it. As some of you know, I share my birthday with my late dad, Grady "Skip" Lael, so we're including...

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Home Again!

Well, I have so much to tell you about my trip to New York City that I hardly know where to begin!  I arrived home late (VERY late) on Tuesday evening, exhausted and with a pretty good hitch in my get-along, too.  That morning, still in the Big Apple, I decided I...

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Short but sincere

I had hoped to have more time for this blog, but I'm in a rush--even after packing and preparing most of yesterday and getting up at 4 this morning--I have just 20 minutes until I have to leave.  Headed for New York--yeehaw!!!--and the big Books Exposition America...

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A Birthday Wish and a Prayer for the Tornado Victims

Sally Jean, my dear sister, a very happy birthday to you.  I love you--you are a treausre and a gift, and our time together is precious to me.  Thanks for being you. Frankly, I just expected to write a happy birthday post for my Sis--I wasn't expecting (were any of...

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Me and Montana Silversmiths

You know those big, shiny buckles cowboys covet so--the ones the winners receive every December at the National Finals Rodeo--and at many other rodeos as well?  Well, they're made by my friends at Montana Silversmiths. Through my friend (and cousin-in-law?), Steve...

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Open the eyes of my heart…

That's my prayer today.  (It's also the track that is playing at the moment, from a CD called "Beautiful Worship".  Yesterday, I rocked to Aretha Franklin belting out gospel songs.)  I will definitely order the new Alan Jackson CD, pronto--thanks for the suggestion!...

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Finding the music

Me and music--what a love story.  Ours is a complicated relationship, fraught with drama and pathos.  You see, music touches me in some very deep places and sometimes I don't want to be touched in those places, because they're just too tender, too vulnerable,...

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Mother’s Day, a mammogram, and beeswax in my hair….

I had an absolutely fantastic time on Mother's Day--Brother Jerry picked me up here at the house, and we drove north to fetch our Mom.  My daughter, Wendy, and her fiance, Jeremy, met us at the Onion, one of our favorite restaurants.  Mom and I were both pampered--and...

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I had no internet service for most of the day--hence, no blog.    I did get some writing done, though--a new character appeared, and she will definitely liven things up for Landry and Ria.  🙂 Sister Sally sent me the most gorgeous Mother's Day gift--one of her...

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Happy Birthday, Samantha Lang

(Niece Sam,  I love you.)   Another gloriously sunny day, and I'm soaking it in.  The view through my office window is beautiful, though not a horse in sight at the moment.  They must be on the other end of the pasture, munching on spring grass.  Bernice was here a...

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Tuesday, Tuesday

I love Tuesdays.  They're so ordinary.  🙂  Or, at least, this one is.  No appointments, no conference calls, no errands to run--I can simply WRITE. Tuesdays are also the day iTunes posts new recorded books to download--I usually get so many that I have to call my...

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Brenda Erickson and Kimberlee Gard, you are our winners. Congratulations!

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