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Do I ever feel pressured?

That question came from the comment section, which I read and take to heart, by the way.  The answer is, yes, deadlines can weigh very heavily on my mind--if I let them.  Recently, I've been working hard to shift out of that hurry-hurry mode, and the thing that works...

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My favorite outlaw

That would be Sawyer McKettrick.  🙂  He's the hero of "An Outlaw's Christmas", which went on sale yesterday.  It's an old-time story, complete with a country schoolmarm, pretty Piper St. James, who dreams of falling in love with a good man who isn't an outlaw, some...

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Hit the ground runnin’

As they say at the rodeo.  This is very good advice if an angry bull is chasing you.  🙂 I was up VERY early this morning, putting the finishing touches on the outline for the new book, "Big Sky Summer", which is Casey and Walker's story.  I'll start the actual book...

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Alive and well in Spokane, WA

I've just been brainstorming up a--well--storm.  🙂  Unfortunately, that hasn't left me much time for blogging or anything else.  "Big Sky Summer" will be a fantastic book to write and, I hope, to read--all kinds of ideas churning around in my brain.  I didn't sleep...

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To Blog or Not to Blog

That is the question.  🙂 The answer, of course, is always, "Yes".  Or, on days like today, "Yes, eventually."  🙂 I've been celebrating the completion of "Big Sky River", albeit very quietly, since Friday--by quietly, I mean: 1) fussing over Bernice.  She's been a...

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Time to Celebrate!

I was up at 5:30 this morning, brimming with story, and writing the ending of "Big Sky River" by 6:00!  A little while ago, I finished. I love this book--here's hoping my editor agrees.  🙂 The project was long and in some ways difficult, but these characters really...

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I'll be finishing "Big Sky River" today, so I'm throwing my whole self into the project--lots of strings to tie up!  (We don't want any more incidents like Lucy-Maude and her kittens.  🙂 You'll catch a glimpse of them in the new book, coming in January of 2013). If...

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In Remembrance

I couldn't let the day pass without a tribute to all the brave and innocent souls who lost their lives on September 11, 2001.  Some were stolen, and some were freely given, out of sheer courage, in an effort to protect and rescue others.  It's hard to believe it's...

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Crazy Busy

Short blog today--I'm really pouring it on to finish the book.  Just wrote a love scene that will probably fry some of the circuits in my computer.  🙂 Our wonderful fall weather continues--crisp and cool, but sunny. More later.

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Hello, Monday!

Yeehaw!  It's Monday again--my favorite day of the week!  I know that probably sounds crazy to some of you, but there it is.  I love my work.  I love getting back to it after a weekend or a holiday--and, yes, I have to eat some crow, because I DIDN'T write, for all...

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Yikes! (And other ramblings)

Where is this excerpt from "High Country Bride" printed???  HCB is definitely about RAFE--thank heaven for my eagle-eyed readers.  🙂 I seem to be in goof-off mode today--slow moving, lots of fiddling around.  Hence, this blog is being posted later than usual.  Which...

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Your comments

...are extra terrific today!  I've been scrolling through them, answering a few, and doing a lot of smiling.  Thank you. On one recommendation, I've just downloaded three books by Reeve Lindberg, daughter of Charles and Anne Morrow Lindberg, and I can't wait to read...

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