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Nook Frenzy

It's just too easy to order books electronically these days.  🙂  One just leads to another and before I know it, there I am, up half the night, reading until my eyes won't focus. Here's what I'm into now: "The Inn at Rose Harbor" by Debbie Macomber--classic, funny,...

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I am all rested up and ready to write! Thought I'd touch on some of the comments for today's blog: RE: Mistakes in past books. I appreciate the input and try to learn from the error so I don't make it again.  Not much I can do to change them now, though.  🙂 Re: Mojo...

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Labor Day

Here's wishing you and yours a wonderful Labor Day weekend.  Enjoy, and please be safe. See you Tuesday (if not sooner).

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Almost September!

I think September is my favorite month--there's that fall zip in the air, that sense that something wonderful and exciting is about to happen.  For me, that feeling of impending adventure probably goes back to the old days, when school was starting again--new shoes,...

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Yeehaw, I’m rollin’!

I kept intending to write yesterday's blog, but I was already too deep into "Big Sky River" to focus on anything else.  Lots of prayers and no hay deliveries or appointments or sick horses helped.  And I must credit going low-carb with part of this burst of energy I'm...

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I’m late

I'm late, I'm late, I'm late, for a very important date!  (No, it's not MY date.  It's Boone and Tara's--things are heating up in "Big Sky River" country, and nothing will happen if I'm not there.)  🙂 I enjoyed a relatively quiet weekend, did some art, puttered,...

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It's still pretty warm here in Spokane, but that hint of fall is definitely there.  YES.  The blossoms on my Veteran's Honor roses are full and bright red, another reminder that God is the most brilliant artist of all.  Now is the time to cut a plump, dozy blossom and...

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Sunshine on my shoulders

Makes me happy! Lots of work to do, so I'm keeping this short today. The weather is just plain glorious--very sunny, but not so wickedly hot.  🙂  That hint of fall is definitely in the air, though, and I've seen a few changing leaves already.  I'm not dreading winter...

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One of THOSE days

Yesterday wasn't a BAD day--I don't have those, subscribing, as I do, to the philosophy that if I can open my eyes in the morning and get out of bed, it's a good day.  🙂 It would be more apt to say that yesterday was an inconvenient day.  Murphy's Law, run amok--if...

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“Lindy, study up on your rodeo”

This very good advice showed up in a letter from my stepmother--I'm checking Amazon to see if there's a book called "Rodeo for Dummies"!  What was I thinking?  Who knows--bullriding is my favorite event so I have no excuse.  Once again, my fault.  🙂 You won't see...

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Yes, Linda, it really IS Friday

Again!  It seems impossible. I'm writing today--and tomorrow--and Sunday--right on through to the end of "Big Sky River".  I normally don't work weekends, but having been sick so much, etc., I have some catching up to do.  The good news is: I feel great! "Big Sky...

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Good writing day yesterday, and I'm expecting another today.  Hallelujah!  So grateful to be feeling better... I've been thinking about discoveries a lot lately--especially after Jeremy and I visited that wonderful art supply store in New York.  While there, I bought...

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