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Flowers and Jade

More flowers arrived yesterday from my fabulous publishers, Harlequin--along with a beautiful jade plant for my birthday.  Flowers always make me happy.  🙂  I'm thrilled with the plant, too, because I can keep that going.  My Harlequin family spoils me shamelessly--I...

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Tuesday, Tuesday

Thank you for all those sweet comments on "Big Sky Country"!  Book 2, "Big Sky Mountain", is about Hutch and Kendra, and Book 3, "Big Sky River", is about Boone and Tara (aka the chicken farmer--I love it.) I was missing in action yesterday, as some of you may have...

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And it’s already Friday…?

How does this happen?  One moment, it's Monday and the next, it's Friday.  Time is whizzing by. Which is not to say I'M whizzing anyplace--I've been moving in slow motion all week.  I don't know when I'm going to learn that, for all my writing enthusiasm, I need a few...

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Great news!

"Big Sky Country" debuted at #1 on the New York Times bestseller list!!  This came as a joyous surprise, because I'd seen the competition when Wendy and I were cruising the book section at Target and I figured, well, maybe next time.  🙂  This is in large part due to...

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More coffee, please 🙂

I'm still a little rummy (as in tired, not drunk) so I'm off to a slower start today.  Oh, well.  I'm so eager to get back into my story--what fun I'm having with this bunch of characters! It's rainy out this morning--make that this WEEK--but I've got my happy lamp...

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You guessed it! Technical difficulties.

I was all set to blog every day while I was at the wonderful CREATE art workshops in Irvine, California--and suffice it to say, the universe was not on my side in this matter.  No matter what I did, I couldn't get online, even on the hotel computers or my daughter's...

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Hit and miss….

Good morning everyone! I'm having a bit of trouble getting internet access so I might not be able to blog for the next few days.  Having a great time in California.  Will tell you all about it when I get home. Have a great day!!

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This is the day!

I'm off to the airport in a few hours, on my way to Southern California for the CREATE art retreat.  Wendy and Jeremy will be meeting me, and we're looking forward to a grand time. Heartfelt thanks for all your comments about yesterday's blog.  I agree--more flags,...

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We Will Never Forget

To: The Greatest Generation: World War ll veterans, our own soldiers and brave Allies, you quite literally saved the world.  You stood strong against tyranny and unspeakable evil, you suffered without complaint, for the sake of humanity and for America, our beloved...

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My gratitude list

I thought I'd share today's gratitude list, just for the fun of it.  🙂 1. I am grateful for the lovely sky-show this morning.  There was a hollow place in the clouds, fringed with light. 2. My niece Kelly spent the night here before heading home to the East.  Kelly...

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Ain’t no sun up in the sky…stormy weather!

I guess if you're not old enough to remember the vintage blues song the title of today's blog comes from, you'll either think I'm crazy, have very bad grammar, or both.  According to the little icon on the front of my iPhone, the sun will return on Friday.  I have...

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