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Stone Crazy, That’s Me

Somehow, I never imagined myself as a rock collector--Annie Oakley, an astronaut, a guest at the White House, or Little Joe Cartwright's wife, yes.  But a rock collector?  No. 🙂 (The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, Mom!)  A mail day doesn't pass these days, it...

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Saturday blog plus prattle

I'm up early today, to get a jumpstart on my writing.  Neecie (one of Bernice's many nicknames) is beside me in her office  bed, getting a jumpstart on sleeping.  🙂 I was supposed to announce last week's winners yesterday, but alas, it didn't happen--so here they...

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Ladies Who Lunch and Do Other Stuff, Too

Yesterday was my Weight Watchers meeting--one of those nonspectacular weeks this time--.8 pounds.  (Note the decimal!)  Afterward, I paid a visit to Trader Joe's, which is near our meeting place, to stock up on some WW-friendly food.  Next, Wendy, Jen and I had lunch...

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Thank you for all your wonderful and heart-touching comments on yesterday's blog.  You definitely reminded me of a point worth mentioning: the folks on the home-front deserve our help, encouragement and understanding also.  My hat is off to everyone who 'holds down...

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Veteran’s Day

I've been wanting to write this entry all day, but, as sometimes happens, my internet service was out of commission.  Thanks to Chris, the weekend wrangler, pet-sitter and computer wiz, here we go. These past few days, I've seen veterans around town, selling the...

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Charts and discoveries

Kathy Cauley and Darcy--congratulations, ladies!   You are this week's winners.  (If you're not Kathy or Darcy, not to worry.  A whole new round starts on Monday.) Today's weather is uncannily spring-like--sunny, brisk but not cold, bright as a blue-green gemstone...

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I had my Weight Watcher's meeting, and I did very well.  Wendy has now joined Jenni and I, and we made a morning of it.  We had lunch at Red Robin (I had a bowl of French Onion soup, 11 points) and went on to raid Hobby Lobby and the grocery store.  One thing about...

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Snowing for real

Okay, so much for skiffs and flurries--it's snowing in earnest this morning.  🙂  It's gorgeous, but, then, I don't have to commute, so my opinion may not be in the majority.  I'm hoping the roads will be clear enough by this afternoon so I can attend my first EMDR*...

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This past Thursday, cousin/trail boss Mary Ann and I headed for Northport, WA, where we both grew up, to bunk in with Mary Ann's mom and my beloved aunt, Marian Bleecker.  Auntie M is 94 years old, and Halloween makes her nervous, so we wanted to help out with the...

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Back in action

Well, there were more blog problems over the weekend, but here I am again.  LAST week's winners were Cecelia Kelsey and Donna Harris.  Congratulations, ladies.  Now, a NEW round begins, so get those comments in. As it sometimes presents a problem when old books are...

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I TRIED to blog the whole time I was in California, and every day after that--and Word Press would not let me on the site.  Frustration city!  Evidently, somebody tried to hack this page, but for now, the problems have been dealt with.  YES!  (I have Jen and the IT...

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