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Our winners are….

Linda Park and Rosemary--congratulations, ladies. A new contest begins on Monday, so be sure to stop by the blog and make a comment. I've spent the whole week rebuilding my strength, and I'm pretty much there, I am ever so glad to say.  Since I'm generally an active...

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This Time I Wasn’t Sick 🙂

I was just tired--beyond tired, really, after (finally) finishing THE MARRIAGE PACT (also known, around the Triple L, as 'The Other Neverending Story').  What an irony.  I don't think I've ever written a book that was more challenging--and yet, I truly believe it is...

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Saturday Blog

Winners for this week's contest: Brianna Potts and Shelly.  Congratulations, ladies! You're not Brianna or Shelly?  Never fear.  A new contest begins on Monday, with more great prizes.  As always, all you need to do to enter is comment. Update: I'm pretty much over...

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Gemstone of the Day and other stuff

Good news at Weight Watchers yesterday--I was down 3.6 pounds.  After being sick for so long, and therefore a little self-indulgent, this came as a pleasant surprise.  Keep in mind that this represents two weeks, as I wasn't there last time. The gemstone of the day? ...

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Back Again!

I had a major setback with the flu this past weekend--you might even call it a meltdown--but glad to say, I'm over that and back in action.  Phew!  Remind me never to take my usually good health for granted.  🙂 The new contest kicked in yesterday--one winner will...

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And now it’s Friday…

Mercy.  Friday?  Already?  It doesn't seem possible. This week's winners are Cassandra and Dawn Roberts.  Congratulations, both of you.  By now, you've received an email from Super-Jen, and as soon as we have your details, your prizes will be on the way.  The new...

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The view from Wednesday morning….

The day ahead looks pretty promising, actually.  🙂  I will be missing Weight Watchers this week, though I'm sticking to the program for sure.  I'm so close to finishing the book I've begun to refer to as "The Never-ending Story" that I just can't leave my office....

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Beware the bug!

It seems that just when I think I'm finally over this flu-bug, it "flats" me again--"flats" being a term we used around here, back in the day, to describe the way Bernice, the Yorkie, used to just press one of the kitties to the floor, for no apparent reason. ...

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Weight Watchers Day

After missing two meetings, I finally got to one today--the bad news/good news is, I'm up 1.4 pounds.  (It's bad news because I gained instead of lost, and good news because it could have been worse! 🙂  )  Plus, I felt well enough to go out in the first place, which...

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Back Among the Living….mostly

Wow.  Do whatever you can to avoid getting this bug, whatever it is.  I'm finally able to write again--after days (and nights) of ups and downs.  To the blog-reader who suggested putting Vicks on the soles of my feet and wearing socks, THANK YOU.  There was no...

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Determined to blog 🙂

This is one wicked cold--the worst one I can remember, in fact, but it's hard to keep a cowgirl down--(completely down, anyway)--so I'm writing this in bed, on my laptop.  I have the usual symptoms--coughing, etc.--but the predominant one seems to be simple fatigue.  ...

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Terrible cold!

I'm alive and hanging in there, but off the blog for a few more days I fear.  Taking Colloidal Silver and hoping for the best.  🙂 Prayers appreciated!

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